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  • Bioquirama SAS. ®

    Bioquirama SAS is a Colombian company committed to sustainable development, serving the agricultural sector, for the production of biological inputs as an alternative for crop protection. It has a technical and scientific department with extensive experience in phytosanitary matters, which has allowed him to develop innovative, safe and cost-effective to ensure safe agricultural production, friendly solutions; environmentally responsible producers and consumers.

  • Bio-Imputs

    We are a company that produces and markets Bioinsumos for sustainable management of pests and diseases; moreover, they can be used in improving the soil health and to promote plant growth..

  • Flowers

    Bioquirama SAS has specialized in the production and marketing of a wide variety of Hydrangeas Hydrangeas or as a cut flower, to meet international markets. The quality standards of our products start with organic production, using themselves for the prevention and control of insect and mite pests and crop diseases bioinputs, ensuring the safety and protection of the environment and customers.

  • Services

    BIOQUIRAMA SAS provides customers with services phytosanitary diagnosis of diseases, insects, mites and nematodes and recommending solutions that will support for taking appropriate control measures. Moreover testing services agronomic efficacy of bio- agricultural use are offered . BIOQUIRAMA SAS has a team of professionals of great experience and recognition in the agricultural sector and has a laboratory infrastructure and equipment to ensure attention to the needs of our customers.

  • Research

    The technical department develops BIOQUIRAMA SAS agroecological solutions through applied research, to contribute to sustainable agriculture . Our research is directed towards maintaining and improving the nutritional status of soils with mycorrhizal fungi and rhizobacteria; plant protection of crops such as flowers, vegetables, forest, grass, fruit trees, herbs, seasoning, etc. , by employing antagonistic microorganisms, entomopatógenos, bactericides , fungicides, miticides, nematicides and molluscicides .

Petitions, Complain and Claims




This document aims at defining aspects Bioquirama develop in order to address the complaints and claims of customers



Implement a procedure enabling customers Bioquirama their grievances, complaints, suggestions, information and concerns in order to achieve full compliance with the institutional mission.

Have monitoring mechanisms that establish the causes of complaints, claims, suggestions, information and concerns with the aim of promoting actions to improve its processes..


Reception, distribution, efficient and effective control and proper care and comprehensive settlement of complaints, claims and suggestions made ​​by internal and external customers that meets their needs and feed back system improvement.


Information and transparency: Willingness to provide clear, timely and reliable information on different topics that are of interest to the user and the competence of our organization.

Generate Query option: Create mechanisms to facilitate generation.

dynamic information aimed at addressing the different concerns that the user may have in relation to the quality and presentation of our products; inside it has implemented the website to which they can turn.

Kindness: Bioquirama officials, offer a friendly and diligent treatment. The service will be provided on equal terms to all those who request it , according to your needs.

Feedback and action: If the information is not generated explanations will be offered appropriately and necessary corrections will be sought.

Efficiency and effectiveness: information should be delivered promptly after that complaints and grievances are addressed.


Office administrative assistance is the agency responsible for receiving, processing and address complaints, complaints, suggestions, information and concerns that customers formulate.

4.1. Features (the) administrative assistant

Indicate the procedure for the settlement of grievances, complaints, suggestions, information and concerns of patients.

Serve as liaison with other units Bioquirama in order to ensure timely and efficient user attention.

Address and transfer complaints, complaints, suggestions, information and concerns customers formulate the legal representative.

Prepare the quarterly report related to complaints and claims to present the legal represnentante.

Promote and publicize the actions of its competence related to the procedure for handling complaints and claims.

To monitor the processing of complaints and claims.

Answer inquiries and concerns arising in the User Information Point.

4.2. Requirements for making complaints, claims, suggestions, information and concerns.

Complaints, complaints, suggestions, information and concerns may be submitted by any person verbally or in writing and shall contain:

Personal data applicant full name, identity card , address and telephone number.

The subject of the complaint, complaint, suggestion, information and concerns duly substantiated..

The list of documents accompanying if provided.

If the grievance, complaint, suggestion, information and concerns affecting third parties must indicate the place where they can cite or disown the statement.

4.3. Receiving complaints, complaints, suggestions, information and concerns.

Bioquirama resolve complaints, claims, suggestions, information and concerns are given in writing (email or letter), verbal or telephone The (the) administrative assistant will receive complaints, complaints, suggestions, information and concerns through the phone (4 ) 5628439, web page or directly in the office.

4.4. Terms.

The term for resolving complaints, complaints, suggestions, information and concerns will be five (5) business days required to transfer the complaint to the appropriate agency and fifteen (15) working days from the day following the date of receipt . When it is not possible to resolve the petition within that term, it will inform the interested party in writing, stating the reasons for the delay and indicating the date that has been set for that dependence against which is directed the complaint, complaint, suggestion, information and concern responds to it.

4.6. Responsibilities.

Administrative assistant:

Implement, update and disclose the procedure for complaints and claims.

Receive complaints and claims of users and solution for transfer.

Develop quarterly report to present to the legal representative

Follow up complaints and claims

Filing complaints.

4.7. Annexes.

Annex 1: Format link of complaints and claims Bioquirama website (see )

Annex 2: Format for receiving and tracking complaints, claims, concerns.


The legal representative will be in charge of tracking, monitoring and evaluation of the actions or solutions given in the product dependencies of the complaint, claim or suggestion. You must submit periodic reports on complaints, claims, suggestions, and concerns information requested by customers and that were not resolved within the stipulated terms.